Liquid Swap 3.0: Earn BNB Rewards and Boost Your Earnings in 2021!  


Investing 3 years ago
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Since its launch, Liquid Swap quickly became one of the most popular Earn products in the Binance portfolio. Over 20,000 users and traders benefit from its low fees, a wide range of supported assets, and instantaneous transactions while earning passive income on their cryptocurrency assets.

Today, we’re announcing the Liquid Swap 3.0 upgrade, making Liquid Swap even better and more profitable!

New in Liquid Swap 3.0

Triple income for liquidity providers (interest + trading fees + liquidity rewards)

Liquidity rewards in BNB and other digital assets

Triple liquidity earnings

Whenever you provide liquidity through Liquid Swap in selected pools, you’ll receive liquidity rewards, the interest generated by your stake, and trading fees for all transactions that use your liquid assets.

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Here’s why you want to Earn BNB liquidity rewards

Since the beginning of 2021, BNB price skyrocketed from $37 to as much as $342. With BNB liquidity rewards, you can generate passive income in BNB and also capitalize on the price growth, further boosting your earnings. You can start to add liquidity to ETH/BUSD and BTC/ETH liquidity pools. BNB yield farming will come soon.

In the next few weeks, we will focus on adding more pairs to receive BNB rewards for your liquidity.

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