Monoswap | Testnet from a project on the Blast network.  

Arsen Asvarov

Bounty 4 months ago
Monoswap | Testnet from a project on the Blast network (without attachments)

MonoSwap is a revenue-focused DEX that offers 100% of Blast Dev tokens to early adopters. Users can now receive 100% returns on ETH + USDB + Blast Points in MUSD
Blast decided to create another project on the network as a testnet. As always, we collect points, with further conversion into tokens.

✔Go to the website:
✔Connect Metamask to the Blast network (link)
✔Go to the Swap section
✔On the right in Faucet we retweet, brand tokens
(also, if you need more Blast tokens, we can additionally take them here: link or mint regular ETH in Sepolia,,,
then through the bridge exchanges ETH in Sepolia for Blast Sepolia)
✔We go below and go through activities (daily)

The site is still glitchy, but this does not prevent you from completing daily tasks and branding test tokens.