New crypto regulations in Estonia is coming. Price will go 10x

10 months ago
Post Image is one of the biggest companies and crypto license providers in Estonia. We have obtained over 200 crypto licenses last year alone. We can register a new company from scratch or we have ready-made companies with a crypto license for sale as well.

Starting from March 2020 Estonia has new crypto regulations coming. License application prices go 10x up.

Regulations are coming everywhere. Estonia is the fastest and most cost-effective jurisdictions for projects and for investors. Estonia has 0% corporate tax.

Currently, company registration + licenses 5900€. When we start with the process in February then the total price will be 11 900€.

Link for the announcement of the new regulations:

Currently, we have 2 ready-made companies for sale, with crypto licenses, no activity:

E-Wallet OÜ, wallet and exchange license, Price 12,000 €

Zoomwallet OÜ, wallet and exchange license, Price 12,000 €

Futurebanc OÜ, wallet and exchange license, Price 12,000 €

When new regulations take place readymade company price will 25 000€.

More details about Estonia Business Ecosystem:
1. The fastest place to get crypto licenses obtained (up to 30 days)
2. The most cost-effective jurisdiction to get all the legal for the project
3. Open banking with Estonian licenses in EU member states. We have opened over 15 banking account for our clients
2. 0% corporate tax
3. Europe Union
4. Onboard clients globally with Estonian crypto licenses ( wallets, exchanges, issue your own token, payment gateways)
5. Licenses cover crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat
6. Licenses payment is a one-time thing, no renewal fees
7. No VAT on tradings
8. Low deposit requirement - now 2500€, after March 12000€
9. Over 2000 licenses issued
10. Crypto licenses ables to issue your own utility coin.

Estonia has two licenses:

1. Wallet license - Provide a virtual currency wallet service. Licenses allow providing hot and cold virtual currency wallet service in the framework of which the company generates keys for costumes or keeps costumers keys. Keys can be used for the purpose of keeping, storing and transferring virtual currencies.

2. Exchange licenses - Provide exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency Licenses allow fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto transactions. The operating licenses are issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which is an independent structural unit of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

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