Mikhail Ikpoma

Adoption 3 years ago
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Most Cryptocurrency projects often start with selling their ideas and use cases to the public before establishing their community bases.Pi tends to reverse this modus operandi. It aims to build a community of users before launching the pi coin to the public.
At the moment, there are over 10 million users of the Pi App across the globe and we are still counting.
This piece is about the Pi App which is used to mine the pi coin and most of the active pi community members are accumulating pi on a daily basis. The mining rate just got halved when pi community membership hit 10million and there would be another halving when the 20millionth member sign up.
The Pi app allows you to access and build your pi holdings. You are expected to invite others to join your security network. The Pi network is deemed secure when there are circles of users across the globe.
Just few days ago, the Pi network launched it's wallets and peer to peer testing have been ongoing amongst close security members.
Pi is a new digital currency from the USA, developed by very brilliant stanford PHDS and development of this currency is consistently ongoing.
Inside the Pi app are very interactive features including regular update about Pi roadmap and pi white paper. Signing up after loading the App from Google play and other formats, gives you the requirement to be a pioneer, contributor, ambassador and the Node.
The Pi project has vast potential and with the target towards achieving 1 billion users of pi before launching, it is obvious the Pi network would come out as amongst the top cryptocurrency projects we shall have very soon. The actual price of the Pi coin is not known but would be determined by market forces and there have been several speculative predictions about this.
I am inviting all members of the crypto-potential community who are yet to sign up for pi to join my pi network security circle. Once you sign up and download the pi App, confirm your mobile number. This is important for check-mating fraud of double mining etc.
Join my pi network security circle by using this link:
Or simply use the invitation code ' Goldify' after downloading the Pi app.
Thank you