Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Means, where both author and reader ea  

Ngoc Son Dinh

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Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Means, where both author and reader earn different tokens.

Currently (as of August 2020) the tokens you can earn and get tips on on Publish0x are Ethereum (Ether - $ ETH), Basic Attention Token ($ BAT), and Ampleforth ($ AMPL).

Users can make cryptocurrency on Publish0x in three different ways:

1. (How) Make electronic money by reading

I don't expect you to believe this, but try it and see ... we offer cryptocurrencies;) You don't need any cryptocurrency already using our platform, breaching, either Authors and readers both earn on Publish 0x - yes, you earn crypto while reading! So you can earn your first cryptocurrency with us.

The way it works is we give you a tip and you choose how much to allocate to the author and how much to keep! Just find this slider at the bottom of every post after you've signed in - and use it to highlight a post you liked.

The tipper you can find at the bottom of each post looks like this:

2. (How) Make Crypto By Blogging Become a Publish0x Author Still in beta (blogging only when invited)

Authors earn cryptocurrency when readers tip them (tips are free for both reader and author) through rankings at the bottom of the page.

While anyone can subscribe, read, and give tips to Publish0x authors, the only way to become a current publisher is to simply sign up to become an author or receive an invitation. directly from our team.

We accept only authors that we believe will create posts worthy of sharing and deliver real value to our readers.

You can sign up as an author by filling out this simple application.

3. (How) Earn electronic money by sharing good articles

Become a Publish0x Ambassador and earn crypto by sharing great articles for those who love to read them!

Benefits of becoming a PaperDrips ambassador:

Earn 5% on every audience tip you attract inquire through tipper.
Upcoming rankings and competitions for the most active ambassadors.
First, get access to paid / bounty articles (coming after beta).
Ambassadors can use their ambassador (referral) link and get rewarded for sharing the great Publish0x template by attaching their ambassador to ANY article on Publish0x. When ambassadors share those articles on social media, on their blogs or other platforms, all users who sign up through that link become the ambassador's referral.

We are cryptocurrency agnosticism
Other crypto blogging platforms are only powered by their own tokens and claim to be decentralized when the real balance of power lies with the founders and the biggest holders of the token. their own newspaper. We're crypto agnostic - currently the tips are in Ethereum (ETH), Basic Attention Token (BAT), and Ampleforth (AMPL) and we will add ETH-ERC20 in one. future updates.

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