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1 month ago
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Dear Pundians,

Due to COVID-19, most of us either stay at home or work from home. To earn extra income, community members have asked whether we offer the affiliate program for XPOS, XPASS cards or Blok On Blok phone pre-order.

You asked, we executed. Introducing the Pundi X Affiliate program. Through this program, you will receive commissions on every successful sale you send our way.

What is the Pundi X Affiliate Program?

Pundi X Affiliate program allows you to earn up to 10% commission on every successful purchase through a unique referral link. The referral program is managed by Goaffpro.com. This platform makes it easy for everyone (both crypto and non-crypto users) to join.

Simply sign up to become an affiliate and share your own referral link on your social media or in chat groups, and start earning today.

Benefits of becoming a Pundi X Affiliate

Earn 5% commission for each qualified sales on Pundi X official online shop
Earn up to 10% per order if your referral customer purchase 10+ units in one order

How to join?

1. Open a web browser and go to https://pundixlabs.goaffpro.com/

2. Click “Join Now” and proceed to the next page. Or click “Login” if you already have an account.


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  • Commission fee
  • Increase sales