Staying At Home This Summer Is Boosting Holiday Home Sales  

Max Crowdfund

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In this uncertain health climate, more and more people are taking the “staying home” concept as far as their summer holidays, with domestic accommodation bookings skyrocketing, holiday home popularity rising and camping spots disappearing rapidly.

Since the pandemic began, the concept of the “staycation” has increased in popularity, according to Google Trends. The percentage of staycation bookings made on Airbnb increased from one-third in February to over a half by May, and TUI has reported an increase in car holiday bookings of up to 100 percent from last year.

“Staycations” offer advantages beyond the obvious infection precautions, both financially and psychologically. This, in turn, is boosting domestic tourism and making people rethink their property investment decisions.

“In an economic climate where so many businesses are on the brink of collapse, there is one industry which is booming. Holiday homes are in higher demand than ever, and the trend doesn’t look to slow down any time soon,” says Anne Visser, Director of Max Crowdfund, an international real estate crowdfunding platform.

In a world where international travel is often subject to Covid testing, quarantine measures and additional bureaucratic procedures affecting the crossing of borders, staying close to home is often cheaper and certainly more practical than traveling further afield, especially for families with children. Many holidaymakers are opting to travel in their own vehicles this year, which is economically preferable, and safer, than flying, taking a train or going on a cruise.

The global tourism industry, which has suffered a violent and unforeseen blow, is counting on this surge in staycations for its recovery. Increasingly, hotels, holiday homes and resorts are designing staycation packages, intent on limiting the damage to the floundering tourism economy.

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