Terra Leaders Conference  

Kazushi Yoko

Events 4 years ago
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Join us as we celebrate the launch of TerraceX new MiniPOS wallet, the wallet that pays!
This is an open call for online network marketers and affiliate professionals to come down to the conference and meet with us to learn about the game changer, Africa's fastest growing blockchain project: Credit (CREDIT). Credit is designed to be used and mined on smartphones and is highly rewarding. There are no tech barriers and even the unbanked can participate. Already a global cryptocurrency, Credit and it's profitable and easy mining has become a source of regular income to many thousands all over the world.
The event will kick off with a presentation on the technology and earning potential followed by eats and drinks, then we will jump right into the first training session. There will be a prize giving ceremony after the session with massive prizes.
Seats are limited to 150 guests and tickets are 40,000 NGN per person but can be claimed for free by simply clicking the link below and confirming your attendance on Facebook.
Our event organizers will contact you shortly after to ensure that you and your colleagues secure tickets at no cost.
This is a chance to get onto the ground floor and be a part of something truly positive. Credit has touched so many lives over the last year, now it's time for us to meet you.


Event host's and sponsors.

People's Prestige Hotel
40 Rumuola Roads,
Port Harcourt,
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