The Best Waves Exchange Platform

Michael Lamy

1 month ago
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WAVES is a decentralized token exchange platform.

WAVES ( was created in April 2016 and works with the well-known Blockchain technology.

In a few figures WAVES currently represents:

$ 11 million from Market Cap
29 Million dollars of exchange volume over 24H
Ranked 59th biggest crypto on CoinMarketCap
1 WAVES is currently listed at $ 1.11

At the end of 2018, WAVES.Platforme raised 120 Million dollars thanks to private investors for the creation of a private blockchain called Vostok and reserved for big companies and governments.

WAVES allows multiple possibilities for developers. Here is the list below:

- Creation and generation of Tokens
- Crowdfundings launch
- Secure / encrypted messaging
- Creation of Smart-Contract

The WAVES exchange platform allows you to exchange among more than 18,000 tokens available and exchangeable in all directions. The cost of exchanges is 0.003 WAVES or less than 0.01 € per transaction.

You can also win with the Staking offered by the platform. Just buy USD-N (USD-NEUTRINO) and put them in the Staking scale. You will be paid your rewards every day on your USD-N balance. You can decide to re-inject your rewards into your STAKING balance.

WAVES are available for purchase on Binance (
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