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7 months ago
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If "a good beginning makes a good ending" holds true, our 2020 is supposed to finish with the conquest of the earth.

Go on with the reading to discover why!

While 2019 has been the year of general acknowledgement about the fact that there is a problem (climate change) with an increasing focus put on it from institutions, politicians and the corporate world, ending with the appointment of a young lady from the Nordics as the most influent person of the world, 2020 is the year for moving from talks to facts.

And guess what? The biggest effort is expected to be put in mobility and transportation industries.

They indeed account for roughly 16% of global GDP, being the largest contributor to it. Due to the immense amount of energy, money and talents gathered around mobility industry, disruptions are expected to happen in the next few years, raising that data to 20% in 10 years from today.

We are proud to be active in the field and more excited to be one of the pioneers in new services and new technologies. The struggle is exhilarating and we are playing our cards.

We mentioned we would have been busy with a trip to #Istanbul for a major startup challenge, the block.IS:

Volvero WON!

We convinced the jury that we are the right team delivering the right solution at the right time.

The award consists of a grant (thanks to the EU!) and the run of a paid pilot, having access to a relevant network of institutions and mentors in mobility and the tech space.

How February looks like

While we are still working on the development of the app, we will be busy with a few activities:

- Vienna, Austria (16th to 22nd of February)
Volvero competes once again, this time at HiReach Startup Lab
@ImpactHub Vienna:
20 mobility startups have been selected and invited to Austria to
attend a 5 days Bootcamp, at the end of which the top 5 win a paid
pilot for tackling communities exclusion, a topic that is very relevant
to us.

- HR activities
Our team is expanding and we are now scouting for new intern whom
will support our operations, we expect a massive increase in stuff to
do in the coming months so... better to stay prepared!

- Gamic semifinals:
Toward the end of February, we will be in Detroit to compete at the
semi-finals of one of the most important contests for projects in the
transportation industry in the US.

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