Top 10 Products from CES 2020

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6 months ago
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It is the first CES of the decade and it definitely did not disappoint! From robots, drones, and smart devices, CES featured a wide variety of tech creations from around the globe. The trade show gives teams the opportunity to showcase the various ideas, products, and innovations that will form the basis for the next year in tech!

1. Groove X — Lovot

Originally showcased in CES 2019, the Lovot robot companion has met its final version and is ready to bring cheer to your life! Aside from providing unconditional love, Lovot has 50 sensors, a microphone, a 360-degree half-sphere camera, and imbedded intelligence that adapts to the type of companion you are.

2. AirSelfie

Ahh yes, the pinnacle of millennial technology. This premium hands-free selfie stick utilizes facial recognition and drone technology to provide consumers the ability to obtain the perfect selfie.

3. iKuddle

Providing self-cleaning and auto-packing automation, the iKuddle is an all-in-one litter box made for any feline companion. The product offers a health tracking app to analyze and review your pet’s bathroom schedule and notifies you when the litter box needs to be cleaned.

4. PuduTech — BellaBot

With independent path planning backed by intelligent obstacle-avoidance, BellaBot is the robo-cat waiter we have all been waiting for! The future is nyow.

5. Bosch — Virtual Visor

A modern alternative to car visors that utilizes a transparent LCD and camera system to pinpoint the position of our eyes and darken or lighten the panel depending on the sun’s presence.

6. Lenovo — ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Foldable electronics has been trending over the course of the past couple of years. Which is sort of ironic considering we’ve been innovating our way out of the flip phone for the past couple of decades. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon admittedly took multiple years of testing to achieve that foldable OLED screen

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