Transfer your funds for only 0.0003 USD, after you can exchange to BTC, ETH - FAQ's about EUBI token  

Bela Balog

Altcoins 4 months ago
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FAQ's about EUBI token

1. Can I hold, transfer and exchange EUBI token?
Yes. There are two ways to do it:

a.) Open account on and find EUBI token on
You are able to buy/sell EUBI token for BTC, ETH, and MINTME

b.) Sign-up and create MINTME wallet on and add EUBI token as custom token (down, right side)
- click +custom token
- add EUBI contract address 0x8AFA1b7a8534D519CB04F4075D3189DF8a6738C1
- add ticker EUBI
- VERY IMPORTANT - add 12 decimals !

2. How much cost me transfer of EUBI tokens?
Transfer fee is always 0.1 MINTME which is now near only 0.0003 USD. Transfer fee is FIX, no matter how much EUBI tokens you transfering.

3. To who can I transfer EUBI token?
To anyone who has MINTME web wallet. Creating wallet is easy and FREE.

4. What is a MINTME?
MINTME blockchain is a fork of ETH.

5. What is a EUBI token?
EUBI is a token of MINTME blockchain. 1 EUBI token (EUBI) represents 0.00001% stake of EUB Insurance LLC investments and every month receives profit share in MINTME.

6. Can I sell my EUBI token?
Yes, you can sell for BTC, ETH and MINTME on
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