TROY Launches Broker SaaS Platform


1 month ago
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After three months of development, today TROY is proud to announce the official launch of TROY Broker SaaS Platform and welcomes worldwide partners for business talks.

Timeline of TROY Broker SaaS Platform:

Dec 2019: TROY Broker SaaS Platform Initiated.
Jan 2020: Development of spot-trading, wallet system & referral function.
Feb 2020: Development of margin-trading & contract trading systems.
March 2020: Trading-depth Integration of Binance, OKEx & Huobi.
April 2020: Integration Test of TROY Broker SaaS Platform.
May 2020: Official Launch of TROY Broker SaaS Platform.

TROY Broker SaaS Platform now supports functions including spot-trading, contract trading, wallet management, referral program etc, where clients will be able to enjoy the best-in-class trading depth & liquidity. Also the platform enables the trading of over hundreds of mainstream crypto assets.

TROY Broker SaaS Platform, your №1 business partner in the crypto world.

Contact us: [email protected]

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