TROY Semi-annual Report 2020  


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Semi-annual Highlights

● TROY Broker system completed the development of multiple core functions, including derivative trading and risk-control module etc.
● After 5 months of preparation & development, TROY completed technical integration with Binance broker system and officially launched TROY Broker SaaS Platform.
● TROY listed on Coinone, HBTC, Bitribe and BetaEX, improving its global liquidity performances.
● TROY’s Global Ecological Community Program welcomes the 14th Member Project — COTI, and established technical collaboration with Chainlink and IOST.
● TROY collaborated with WazirX and will integrate WazirX in TROY Broker system and exploit India market together.
● TROY launched TokenSwap, TROY Staking program on Binance and “Brokerage Reward & Staking Program”.
● TROY completed the 1st Buy-back with steady business growth through its Brokerage and SaaS services.
● TROY hosted more than 40 AMAs, 5 Giveaways to interact with and pay back the community.
● TROY enjoyed steady growth of communities, including English Telegram, Trader Telegram, Korean KakaoTalk group etc.
● TROY was reported by top-tier media like Forbes, CT etc. Platforms like ICO Analytics, CryptoDiffer maintained continuous attention on TROY.
● TROY made sensational exposure in Korea market, ranking first in Coinpan forum and Naver’s mainpage.

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