Wakanda Declares $BTC as its National Reserve Currency  

Solomon Odunayo

Funny 3 years ago
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The technological superpower, Wakanda stuns the world economy by being the first country to declare Bitcoin $BTC as its national reserve currency. This controversial move has caught many of the world’s leading financial institutions off guard as they scramble to assess the effects this will have on global markets.

King T’Challa made the statement as he addressed UN leaders at the Geneva Peace Summit this morning. He believes that:
- “Bitcoin can empower not only the people of Wakanda, but people across the world by creating fair and equal markets for everyone using a currency that is not controlled by any central authority”.

T’Challa declared that effective immediately, all of its precious metal exports including Vibranium will now be solely traded by Bitcoin moving away from the US Dollar. This morning, markets are spiraling as the news broke causing a sudden uprise as the markets opened seeing the US Dollar price of Vibranium surge 20% setting a new record high of $12,034/gram.

Stark Industries, one of the largest consumers of Vibranium welcomed the change, and when asked for a comment, spokesperson Miss Potts said:
- “Mr. Stark has always had a great relationship with T’Challa and fully supports the move to Bitcoin and it will only have a positive impact on Stark Industries ability to acquire Vibranium on the global market”.

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