WEBINAR: Tracking Herbicide from Manufacturing to Application with STRATO Track & Trace [45 MIN]  


Events 1 year ago
BlockApps' Sid Siefken and Sharat Chandra of Rejolut discuss the value of asset tracking with blockchain in the agriculture industry context.

Writeup available here: https://blockapps.net/video-tracking-herbicide-with-strato-track-and-trace/

Sid uses HERBICIDE as a case-in-point example of how specific assets are able to be so efficiently tracked on the blockchain-backed Track & Trace application.

Blockchain technology can be used to:

- Efficiently prevent herbicide tracking issues and fines
- Ultimately protect members of the herbicide value chain including businesses, farmers, workers and end-consumers.

Original event page here: https://blockapps.net/event/webinar-tracking-herbicide-from-manufacturing-to-application-with-strato-track-trace/
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