WeOwn expands business finance platform by launching peer-to-peer lending marketplace  


Startups 4 years ago
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After improving the way that growing businesses can raise equity, WeOwn is now expanding our alternative business finance marketplace by launch a new peer-to-peer loans service.

WeOwn business users will now have the choice between whether they want to carry out an equity fundraise to generate capital or borrow money from suitable lenders.

Our new peer-to-peer loans service is completely digital, and has been designed to make accessing finance simpler, quicker and more cost-effective for SMEs – many of whom struggle to get funding from mainstream bank loans.

A better financing opportunity for businesses

Bank loans are supposed to help businesses grow, but the story is very different for SMEs in comparison to major enterprises. European Central Bank data has shown that while 45% of larger firms have applied for a bank loan, only 27% of smaller businesses have followed suit – and many of them face rejection.

Relatively high risk-levels and low borrowing amounts mean mainstream banks don't tend to see the value in lending to SMEs, as their cost structure and processes make small loans less profitable to them. Yet, 80% of European SMEs are "micro" businesses with less than 20 employees, seeking loans of €100,000 or less.

In contrast, many professional investors understand that lending to businesses at their highest stage of growth is very lucrative; the alternative lending market in Europe will surpass the €5 billion mark in 2020, and top €6.7 billion by 2024. That's why WeOwn has built a peer-to-peer loan marketplace: to bring dynamic businesses and ambitious lenders together.


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