What makes SynchroBit™ a Secure Trading Platform  


Trading 4 years ago
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The number of Digital assets trading platforms have been increasing since the introduction of Blockchain to humanity. We have seen billions of dollars being stolen by hackers in exchanges across the world. Hence, security has always and will always be a challenge to exchanges, as they are going to be under constant attacks from hackers who are interested in stealing money from the platform. SynchroBit™ takes its security seriously. SynchroBit™ is well equipped with Cyber-Security infrastructures and technology, effectively built to tackle cyber threats and attacks from hackers. With the use of high-tech latest tools and best in the world cybersecurity advisors and staff. The platform team also plans to collaborate with the users to help in identifying the areas of improvement.

Also, users of the platform will be empowered with training that will enhance the security of their account and provide them with available tools and solutions to maximize their security.

SynchroBit™ offers top-notch security, integrity, and functionality to the users. SynchroBit™ secures:

User Information: User information is protected by hashing technology of SYNCHRONIUM® which distributes the user information on various blockchain networks. User KYC documents will be stored out of the platform and will be accessible to the legal and support team, as required.

User Funds: Due to the unique wallet technology used by SYNCHRONIUM®, called Asymmetry Wallet Technology, there is no centralized wallets on SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange. In fact, wallets of each coin are generated on the pertaining blockchain of that coin and private key is only accessible to the user. SynchroWallet™ Technology of SYNCHRONIUM® will enable real-time synchronization between the wallets and the trading platform. Due to this unique feature, users are able to define new addresses for their wallets every 24 hours and manage their funds in a decentralized manner, while enjoying high-speed trade experience. Currently, this feature is designed for more than 100 coins and ERC-20 tokens on SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange and will be extended in future.


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