Why Decentralized Technology and Cryptocurrency Is the Future

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16 days ago
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Technology can be argued to be as old as man itself; various inventions like electricity, steam engines, railways, etc., have all changed the existence of man and how we view the world. However, most of these innovations have now become more of infrastructures with most governments now regulating and owning these spaces. The more recent definition of technology is one that is mostly borne from the invention of the world wide web in 1989. The internet remains one of the most important innovations of mankind and a springboard for most of the massive strides made by man in recent times. The internet opened new ways of interacting, communicating, transporting, educating, as well as other new exciting, and financially lucrative industries. Modern technology has therefore been viewed from the lens of the internet and its derivatives; today when we say products, we are mostly talking about mobile apps or software, almost every business out there has a website and many entrepreneurs are leveraging on so many forms of technology for business with most being enabled by one software or algorithm or the other. Modern technology is digital apps, software, websites, algorithms, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, fin-tech, blockchain, etc. The power of the tech industry over the years cannot be over-emphasized as can be seen in the domination of the Forbes list.

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