Working Remotely? Here's Why It's An Opportunity  

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With the current ongoing situation around the world, there's been a lot of interest in remote working and working from home. Since this is something we’ve been doing for nearly two years now, we thought we'd share with you what we’ve learned in that time — and how beneficial remote working can be.

This blog post was written, proofed, and edited in London, Istanbul, Brisbane, and Bali.

Working Without Borders

The most significant benefit, for us, has been the ability to become a truly global organization. Our team has grown to over 60 people with more than 20 nationalities from across the world. This has some massive benefits for our people and the whole Energi project.

For the team, it means we're not limited by geography. Many companies only hire locally, and those organizations that do incentivize employees to move often find it doesn't work for everyone. Remote working makes that a thing of the past. Our team can work from anywhere: some are digital nomads, others work part-time, or just from home. It all works.

For the Energi project, it means we have access to the broadest possible talent pool. Geography doesn't have to limit your potential, and you don't have to live in a crowded supercity. Anyone who shares our vision and values, no matter where they are or where they’ve come from, can be part of the Energi journey.

This gives Energi a global perspective. Whereas in many organizations, working as part of an international team is unusual, for us it's the norm. Whatever project we're working on or problems we face, we bring a whole range of different perspectives, ensuring we always reach the best solution.

Plus, no matter what time it is or what timezone you're in, there's always a member of the Energi team online to help.

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